Letters to the Editor

Leftist ideology

I was motivated to write this letter after reading Andrew Christie’s Oct. 1 letter, which applauds the 3-2 vote by the county supervisors to restrict subdivisions in rural Paso Robles.

In his letter Mr. Christie states, “We hope to see more of this kind of leadership over the next two months,” referring to Debbie Arnold replacing Jim Patterson on the Board of Supervisors after the first of the year.

In other words, he doesn’t care that the people voted for a change in the direction of the Board of Supervisors. He wants to jam down the throats of the people his leftist ideology during the remaining term of this board. It’s the usual philosophy that we know what’s good for you no matter how you vote.

Let’s hope that some of the harm that has been done to the county in the last four years can be reversed by the new board.