Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not just single-use

Oct. 1 is upon us and so is this insane ban on single-use plastic bags. I have not been looking forward to this day since I was made aware that the county intended to take away these bags from its citizenry.

I’ve been hoarding these “single-use” bags because in my household these bags have more than a single-use function. Their primary function was for recycling; I would use them to separate my recyclables from my trash, as I reside in an apartment and don’t have the space for another container. But since I’ve known about the ban, I’ve been hoarding the bags, which has caused me to cease my recycling activities.

Their second function is as a trash bag for a small trash can I keep in the bathroom. I didn’t find it economical to spend money purchasing small plastic bags when they were free from the supermarkets.

Which leads me to my final point. I’m fortunate enough to live in South County, and I currently work in Santa Maria. Last I’d heard, Santa Barbara County hasn’t yet lost their minds with this crazy ban.