Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wastewater gaps

I want to respond to the Sept. 23 letter, “Vision needed on plant,” about Morro Bay’s wastewater treatment plant.

The author left out a few facts that I want to address. He was correct when he claimed the plant will take less than two years to build, once approved.

What he neglected to mention was that it will take five to seven years to get those necessary approvals, and an additional year to design the plant. He claims that “leaders with vision throughout the county have offered to streamline the approval process.” If this is so simple, why has it taken these same leaders six years to start the Los Osos project when they already had the permits for the collection system in hand?

The author also claims that “a lifeline” could be established to help low-income residents pay the additional cost of moving the plant. Legally it is not possible to shift cost from one ratepayer group to another. The only way that can be accomplished is by having the city’s general fund subsidize the rates.

This year, the general fund was balanced by using reserves. I wonder what city services the author wants to eliminate to pay for the subsidy?

Janice Peters was not “fear mongering,” she was only stating the facts.