Letters to the Editor

Letter: When to stop driving

Thank you for publishing the article “Docs should help take away the keys” (Sept. 27).

When there was a question of whether my mother should still be driving, her doctor referred her to the Central Coast Driver Safety Evaluations service in San Luis Obispo.

An evaluator performed a cognitive test in the privacy of Mom’s home and a behind-the-wheel test in her own car. At the end of the evaluation, which showed that my mother should not be driving, Mom was required to turn her keys over to me, and the evaluator contacted the DMV. The DMV informed Mom that she would need to take the state’s written and behind-the-wheel test again in order to retain her license. Instead, Mom opted to replace her license with a photo ID.

Although it takes extra time to drive Mom wherever she needs to go, I am pleased that both Mom and other drivers on the road are safer thanks to this terrific service and a very astute doctor.