Letters to the Editor

Letter: No means no

On Sept. 21, Tribune writer Cynthia Lambert very factually wrote that the Nipomo Community Services District board and staff are still committed to bringing in, and paying for, water from Santa Maria — even after we legally told them that we did not want this project. It appears the NCSD board and manager are just awaiting an anticipated rubber-stamp OK from a committee studying possible solutions to our perceived water problem before moving ahead.

Ms. Lambert correctly wrote, “ ‘Voters sent a clear message in May when they rejected a plan to fund construction of a $26 million pipeline by raising property taxes through an assessment district,’ said district general manager Michael LeBrun. ‘But the district board remains committed to the pipeline plan. ...’ ”

I find this horrifying and irresponsible. The voters in all four water districts told the NCSD board and manager in that May written vote that we do not want the pipeline and the 10 times more expensive water that would flow through it.

It is time for change at NCSD. There are two board positions open in the November election. Please vote for two knowledgeable, competent men who will listen to new ideas and solutions: Ernie Thompson and Bob Blair.