Letters to the Editor

Letter: .02 percent problem

The issue is not the 99 percent or the 1 percent or the 47 percent. It is.02 percent. These are the 545 people who control the government in the U.S. These are: one president; 100 senators; 435 representatives; and nine Supreme Court justices.

On Nov. 6, the following of the .02 percent are up for re-election: 33 of the senators (33 percent); 435 (all) of the representatives; and one president. The nine justices are appointed for life.

This .02 percent is the problem. The 469 of the 536 (88 percent) of the.02 percent are up for reelection. They are nonfunctional, tied up in political fights, attacking their opponents, not telling voters their distinct plans, and always seeking your contributions for re-election.

How does one choose to direct his or her precious vote in this election? These.02 percent are 100 percent of the cause of our dysfunction in this democracy, this government and this economy.

Vote wisely on Nov. 6.