Letters to the Editor

Letter: Demise of the GOP

As the epic misadventure known as the factfree, terminally vague Romney campaign continues to stumble and mumble its way toward defeat, the implosion of the Republican Party may not be far behind. The unholy alliance between billionaires, evangelicals and the Tea Party is dragging the once Grand Old Party back a century or two, while they wallow in their martyrdom on the way to oblivion.

Economic policy geared to the wealthy, social policy focused on private personal behavior, and a belligerent foreign policy are not the framework of a vibrant party. They see compromise, the very essence of politics , as a sign of weakness that will not be tolerated, especially if it results in government actions that benefit society, or worse, President Barack Obama.

Less spending for infrastructure and clean energy also loom on their grim horizon, as does a creeping realization that Mitt Romney is leading a party shackled by an increasingly intolerant dogma that wraps itself in the flag while carrying a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other, further enriching its economic royalty in a cynical grab for the levers of power of the very government they profess to despise.