Letters to the Editor

Letter: On White House spin

The spin coming from this White House is mindboggling. The Tribune is on the bandwagon.

Go back a few and count the number of anti-Mitt Romney articles, letters to the editor, editorials and cartoons, as opposed to ones praising Barack Obama.

The latest involves our embassy and those who were terrorized and killed, immediately spun as the result of some video. Obama didn’t speak for 15 hours after the act. His first sentence was not to condemn it, but to trash Romney who bravely came out to condemn this act of terrorism. The press attacked Romney instead of this unfit president.

Obama was unwilling to call this terrorism and won’t call it a war on terror. He prefers campaigning, snubs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go party with Jay-Z, and then goes on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Still the media defend him?

The media is as out-ofbalance as the warped thinking that this man deserves four more years.

Obama will go down as a total failure, the orator in chief who sounded good and who led this country down a path of destruction.

Forget being better off. How about, are we safer than we were four years ago?