Letters to the Editor

Letter: Misplaced outrage

The NFL is being bombarded with negative tweets because of the mediocre work of its replacement officials. Given the outrage over a few blown calls, I would have expected Twitter to melt down when Americans found out there was insufficient security provided the ambassador and his aide who were murdered in Libya last week.

But, alas, no outrage. Most seem content in the lie that the Muslim unrest is a result of a video, making it possible for them to lash out in anger over fantasy football losses while sleeping soundly at night knowing that the commander-in-chief will calm the rage of the terrorists with apologies for our First Amendment.

In a sane world, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would suffer the fate of the replacement football officials for sending diplomats to Libya without security, while the president would be fired for appointing her (if not for affording his political advisor Secret Service protection, in the United States!).

Decisions like these make the replacement officials seem almost Solomonic!

Finally, please offer a prayer for the two brave Navy Seals who lost their lives when they jumped in the breach in a valiant attempt to protect the diplomats from the terrorists.