Letters to the Editor

Letter: On school candidates

Our public school system and Cuesta College are spiraling down.

The Paso Robles school system has cut some school weeks to three days, while maintaining a 40 percent administrative overhead. The money allocated to schools should go to teachers and pupils, not to overhead.

Joel Peterson is running for the Paso Robles school board. He has kids in the system. He sees many areas for improvement. Joel is a multigeneration Paso Roblan and has served on the Planning Commission. He is a fresh face, has new visions and can help grow our school system.

Poor leadership has caused Cuesta College to be placed on probation for accreditation. The college is grappling with budget and accreditation issues.

Barbara George is running to be a trustee of Cuesta. She has demonstrated long-term commitment to the health and well-being and success of Cuesta College. She is the right person at the right time to bring leadership and vision to respond to Cuesta’s challenges. Barbara George will help with the trustee responsibility for the fiscal stability of the college and to assure compliance with accreditation.

Please vote for Joel Peterson and Barbara George.