Letters to the Editor

Letter: No on Prop. 30

What has our state government done this year to deserve the tax increases proposed under Proposition 30? Consider this:

It has plundered the funding of local redevelopment agencies, preventing our cities from investing in themselves or providing affordable housing, and driving some into bankruptcy.

It has done little about the massive unfunded liability of public employee pensions for existing employees, concentrating instead on reducing the benefits of employees it has yet to hire. There’s an act of political courage!

Despite a $16 billion deficit, it is spending billions on the high-speed rail project that needs an additional $50 to $80 billion that we don’t have to complete it.

It is closing 70 state parks, while the department in charge hid $54 million that could have kept them open.

It has done nothing to curb the undue influence of the most powerful political force in state politics — the public employee unions.

It’s time California started living within its means, just like the rest of us have to do. Rewarding this abysmal performance of our state government with another tax increase is inconceivable. It’s time we deprive our state leaders of their drug of choice — our hard earned tax dollars. Vote no on Proposition 30.