Letters to the Editor

Letter: Failed foreign policy

The recent Sacramento Bee editorial, printed by The Tribune, attacking Romney’s credibility regarding foreign policy was unjustified.

Romney had a right to point out the abject failure of President Obama’s Middle East policy, from its inception to this bloody outcome. It’s no different than Senator and presidential candidate Obama harshly criticizing President Bush over his Iraq and Afghanistan policies, after an attack left nine U.S. servicemen dead in Afghanistan. A review of news footage shows candidate Obama repeatedly criticizing U.S. foreign policy, including the president, when Obama ran for office in 2008.

President Obama’s foreign policy, including a precipitous withdrawal from the Middle East, projects weakness in a part of the world where only strength is respected. Obama’s administration has adopted apology and appeasement of sworn enemies rather than rigorously defending American values. This policy has failed and is the direct responsibility of the president and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The recent attacks on American embassies and personnel were coordinated attacks by Libyan terrorists and an undefeated al Qaeda. President Obama has undermined his commanders in the field and is unilaterally surrendering the initiative to the enemy. He has emboldened sworn enemies of Western civilization; this will only end badly for all concerned.