Letters to the Editor

Letter: Muhammad’s mercy?

I want to thank Naiyerah Kolkailah (“Follow prophet’s example,” Sept. 24) for expressing his outrage at the evil done to our Libyan Ambassador. I wish more Muslims would speak up like this.

However, one issue I would disagree with was his view of how the Prophet Muhammad treated others. His statement that Muhammad “stood firmly against oppression, injustice, and murder — especially children” is simply false. Any superficial reading of history would prove that Muhammad killed and murdered multitudes when he attacked the caravans of his time, and sold the children he took captive into slavery. Muhammad, himself possessed slaves.

Following the surrender of the Qurayza stronghold, Muhammad ordered the execution of every male child who had reached puberty. I would encourage your readers to do a little fact finding about the example of Muhammad. He is not an example to follow!