Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not a victim, yet

It is hard not to take the current political climate personally. For a man who is running to be president of our United States to dare to insult and disparage the less fortunate is beyond belief.

I was not handed an inheritance in my youth that I was able to donate to the church while I lived on stock dividends. I was not handed any bumps to jump-start my life. The only bump I was handed was a large one on my spine at birth from congenital spina bifida.

Yes, Mr. Romney, I am now living on my Social Security, don’t make enough to pay income tax, have a housing voucher, get my $16 in food stamps, and receive Medicare and Medi-Cal. Never have I felt like I was a “victim” while receiving entitlements and assistance from my government.

Now that it is being threatened to be stripped away, I am, however, left feeling extremely belittled and literally scared for my life, a disgusted, disheartened, degraded and disabled U.S. citizen.