Letters to the Editor

Letter: Banking on HARP

Recently, I applied to refinance my home mortgage because of the high interest rate I had been paying. All these years, I have been faithfully paying off my mortgage. And I just wanted to reduce my interest rate. The banks turned me down. They said that with a middling credit score and no real assets, I was a credit risk.

After working all my life, raising a family as a working man, I just didn’t count. I guess never mind that I served four years in the U.S. Navy. That I was lucky to never need food stamps.

Now, I receive a Social Security check, am on Medicare and go to our local VA Medical Clinic in SLO.

But then I applied for HARP, the refinance mortgage program that President Barack Obama had pushed for. This program renegotiates the interest rate on my mortgage to current market rates.

The banks got a ton of taxpayer money. Yet they are just sitting on it and are not helping Main Street or folks like me. So, therefore, as one of the 47 percent that Mitt Romney and the banks have written off as losers, my family and I are voting for President Obama.

I hope other folks who want to renegotiate their mortgages will check out HARP and vote for President Obama.