Letters to the Editor

Letter: A forward economy

Mitt Romney’s plan for economic recovery remains undefined; few specifics have been offered. His principle is well stated: cut taxes to create jobs. In a recent interview, he stated his economic plan would have the economy “roaring back,” presumably to the good old days of what ... Bush II? Really? President George W. Bush created a million new jobs in his eight years and cost the country trillions in unfunded new debt. Do we really want to go back to that?

Barack Obama has a proven course. The specifics are scarce, but the record is there. He says, “stay the course,” emphasizing an economy of the future with education, innovation and technology as the driving force for expansion. Romney’s only specific idea is to grow the energy sector, mostly through expansion of existing techniques of oil and gas extraction — highly profitable for energy companies but destructive to our environment. Increased fracking and oil drilling in sensitive areas are recipes for disaster. We can’t trust big corporations to look out for our interests, only for their profit.

I want an economy that’s roaring forward, not backward. We need to promote a green economy by incentivizing the innovators, not subsidizing the entrenched.