Letters to the Editor

Letter: Unconvincing voice

After World War II, the Voice of America (State Department) did a good job selling American culture to the defeated countries so that we could live in peace. Their success is apparent because Germany and Japan prospered and are leaders of our civilized society.

We’ve been at war against terrorists now for more than 10 years in Arab countries, and the Voice of America’s efforts to sell the American way to the Arabs is a dismal failure. VOA is currently a network providing daily news. They should persuade Arabs that with our freedom of speech laws, we don’t go to jail for insulting our president. We can say anything we want as long as it isn’t “fire” in a crowded theater.

Do you suppose the Voice of America should share some of the blame for the riots and killings in the Arab world? VOA has not convinced many Arabs that the action of a radical zealot does not represent the American people. However, our military is fighting to protect freedom of speech. We are thankful to them.

VOA did a great job after WWII selling the American way to our enemies, but they’ve fallen flat doing that job today.