Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stop seismic testing

I strongly deny the need for seismic testing off the coast of Diablo Canyon Power Plant. If you live in California, you know we are all in close proximity to active earthquake faults. Having nuclear power plants anywhere near these active faults is a bad idea. God rest the souls of the people in Japan who already demonstrated this for us.

Have we learned anything? Shall we waste our time and money in more unnecessary “research” instead of moving toward a safe energy alternative? PG&E is spending $64 million to tell us what we already know, and the process could kill whales and orcas.

PG&E seismic testing would emit a 260-decibel sonic blast every 13 seconds around the clock for a month, possibly destroying 500 square nautical miles of the healthiest marine environment left on the planet Earth. People will be advised to stay out of the water! We have to stop this.

Write to the Fish and Game Commission by today: fgc@fgc.ca.gov.