Letters to the Editor

Letter: Defeat militant Islam

Our country is founded on individual liberty, a concept hostile to any ideology that lays claim to universal truth. We defeated the ideologies of fascism in the first half of the 20th century and communism in the second half of the 20th century.

We first coddled and cajoled the ideologues, but to no avail. Individual liberty and our country only survived by finally showing great resolve and might.

Militant Islam is the ideological challenge of this century. Yet our country, especially under the Obama administration, is hamstrung by political correctness and unwillingness to recognize reality. Our present leadership lives in a state of denial, refusing to even speak about militant Islam. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologizes for our freedom of speech, while we self-censor cartoons, all in a Stockholmsyndromelike hope that our enemy will change if we are just “nice.”

We must learn from history and recognize the existence of militant Islam as an ideology diametrically opposed to individual freedom. We must confront and defeat militant Islam, be it on the battlefield in Afghanistan, be it in the halls of academia, be it in our media.

We owe this to our forefathers, our progeny and ourselves.