Letters to the Editor

Letter: Unable Maldonado

In The Tribune’s Sept. 12 article “Maldonado noshow is a riddle to Tea Party,” as stated in the article, Tea Party members found his actions reflect his limited interest in what members had to say. Others expressed their outright dissatisfaction and will ignore his name on the upcoming ballot.

I have watched Abel Maldonado over the years and how he stays clear of the big or tough issues until he feels he knows who will win. He’s probably best known for his great work in getting centers for silver-haired ladies or kids’ activities. Those are always good for a plaque with his name on it. In 1999, I and two local government leaders had a telephone conference call with Maldonado to explain a plan for improving fire and life safety for our citizens. Our plan would add pennies to the sales tax. Maldonado interrupted before we were done explaining and stated “I have already spoken to my constituents and they won’t support it.” Immediately thereafter he had to go.