Letters to the Editor

Letter: Health reform needed

In a Sept. 22 letter to the editor, Bob Hushing-Kline, an accountant, noted that for a self-employed business person, health insurance rates have gone up since 2010. He attributed this to President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

What Mr. Hushing-Kline failed to notice, however, is that health insurance rates have always been going up. My husband and I have been self-employed since 1995, and we’ve seen a steady increase. Until the Affordable Care Act, there was a lack of oversight for what insurers charged individual buyers; through the act, we have received modest rebates.

And anyone who wonders if we need health care reform should try pricing their own insurance. If you don’t get it through your employer, the very cheapest option for one person will look something like this: $306 a month for a $4,100 deductible. (Yes, you pay every penny until you’ve reached $4,100.) Of course, that’s only if you have absolutely no health problems or pre-existing conditions.