Letters to the Editor

Letter: Maybe race isn’t it

I am disappointed with the letter Gretchen Hinkle Clark wrote, describing her perception that people who are taking issue with President Barack Obama’s potential re-election must be racially motivated.

Sadly, Gretchen does not even give credit where credit is due, considering that a black man was elected to the highest office in this country. Clearly, enough people were not influenced by race and voted for him. I was one of those people who felt confidence in his message of hope and change and how he presented himself as a candidate. I set aside party lines believing that he was the better choice.

I think what rankles me, Gretchen, is that you take away from us the opportunity to vote for someone else who may be a better candidate. Is it just possible that many of us don’t believe he is a very good president? And is it just possible that it has nothing to do with race? The economy is still in shambles; the job market continues to shrink, even as he is being glad-handed; and our national debt is skyrocketing. And more entitlement programs are looming if he is elected again?

Please give people the opportunity to decide our next election based on qualifications, not conjecture.