Letters to the Editor

Letter: Patience, Krauthammer

In his Sept. 14 column, “The abandonment of Israel,” Charles Krauthammer justifies the potential use of force against Iran on the basis of a recent International Atomic Energy Agency report indicating that Iran has “doubled the number of highspeed centrifuges” at its nuclear facility outside Qom.

A stunning bit of hypocrisy from someone who refused to believe the agency’s findings prior to our reckless adventure in Iraq.

A year before our assault on Iraq, Mr. Krauthammer breath lessly stated that “time is running short. Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.” Two months before the start of the war, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported “no prohibited nuclear activities have been identified in Iraq.”

It gets worse. The United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission under Hans Blix also “found no evidence of WMD in Iraq.”

In January of 2003 (the invasion was in March), Mr. Krauthammer said, “Blix never really found anything big in his scavenger hunt through Iraq.”

That’s because there was no weapon of mass destruction there, Mr. Krauthammer!

So why all of a sudden is Mr. Krauthammer a believer in the International Atomic Energy Agency? (I am, by the way). I’m sure he has seen how the countries in the Middle East reacted to the recent anti-Islam video. Imagine their reaction to a military action against Iran. Patience, Mr. Krauthammer, patience.