Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP doesn’t serve U.S.

It has been a difficult four years for the Republicans. All of their efforts as our paid representatives have had one goal. Sadly, that goal is not to serve the people and our country, as they promised in their oaths of office.

Their solitary goal has been to discredit the president and hold him to one term. They have wanted this so much that they use anything they can to prove they have been successful. When President Barack Obama was asked about his inability to fulfill a campaign promise on comprehensive immigration reform, he reminded us that, “The president is not all powerful. We have to have cooperation from all to get these things done.”

Gov. Mitt Romney leaped on the statement by reporting that the president had “thrown in the white flag of surrender.”


In spite of the obstructionists, President Obama has accomplished quite a bit a national health plan, the Dream Act, the elimination of Osama bin Laden, for example. Doesn’t look like any kind of surrender to me.