Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vision needed on plant

It’s amazing to me how opponents of moving Morro Bay’s new wastewater treatment plant to a place where our city’s future reclaimed water and biosolids-composting needs can be addressed are “reverse engineering” their logic to suit their conclusion.

We have electricity “lifeline” rates for people with limited incomes, and we can do the same for the fixed-fee sewer portion of water bills. Or, we could let the fixed-fee float with usage, as we do with the water-usage portion of the bill. We can structure the financing of the project so that more of the cost is paid in later years, so that the residents who will benefit the most from the project over time pay a little more for it.

Leaders with vision throughout the county have offered to streamline the approval process for a plant at an alternate site, and, once approved, the plant will take less than two years to build, not five to 10 years. We are still in a good bidding environment, as indicated by Los Osos sewer bids coming in $20 million under engineers’ estimates. Leaders with vision will figure this out. Please stop the fearmongering, former Mayor Janice Peters.