Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elusive benefit

In Bob Cuddy’s article on Sept. 15, “Healthier for It,” he left out a very important San Luis Obispo County resident in his article, the small self-employed business person. As an accountant, I do part-time bookkeeping for a small family business. Before the Affordable Health Care for America Act was signed by President Barack Obama on June 25, 2010, their monthly health insurance premium was $1,145 per month. Today, it is $1,826 per month, an increase of 59 percent. That equals $8,172 more per year. During this time, their coverage never changed, just the premium.

It is wonderful that the people in Bob Cuddy’s article are benefiting from the new law. Unfortunately, someone, like our small-business owner, has to pay for it. It appears that the county small-business owners have yet to see the “affordable” part of the new law.