Letters to the Editor

Letter: Doing the right thing

Like much of SLO County, Creston is filled with a commitment to volunteerism and a strong sense of community. However, almost 30 years ago, the outside of a Creston teacher’s classroom was vandalized with ugly racial hate graffiti. I recall that not much was said; the comments were quietly and quickly removed and the teacher was assigned to another school that next year. Her offense was that she had a mixed-race child.

Thanks to The Tribune, this current example of racism and sexism was not so easily closeted. The Creston community, through its rodeo board, did the right thing by identifying the action as wrong and apologizing for the offensive behavior of the out-of-town rodeo clown they had hired.

We can all learn from this. Call out bigotry when we see it, take corrective action and move forward. May the long and rich history of Creston community volunteerism thrive.