Letters to the Editor

Letter: Romney’s falsehoods

One has come to expect a degree of mendacity from both parties during election times; however, only the most cynical and hateful among us, steeped in the anti-Obama smears circulated by the radical right wing, will believe Mitt Romney’s claim that our president and his diplomatic staff in Libya “sympathized” with and failed to condemn those who murdered four Americans at our consulate. He also claimed, once again, that our president has shown no “resolve” and goes around the world “apologizing” for America.

Spreading and doubling down on these smears, especially in this time of conflict and national tragedy, is reprehensible. To top off Romney’s lies, a Romney adviser would have us believe that “when” Romney is president, we will no longer see any protests in the Arab world, presumably because the Arab world will fear Romney’s “resolve?” And of course, as president, Romney will also walk on water.

Romney has demonstrated he will resort to the lowest common denominator in his effort to seek the office of president, a role of awesome responsibilities that requires thoughtful and intelligent sensitivity for the implications of spoken words in times of crises. Romney has now proven beyond doubt that he is totally unfit for the presidency.