Letters to the Editor

Letter: Nothing funny here

The Tribune’s What’s Your Emergency section often bothers me, because some of the complaints include incidences of animal suffering with a “funny” caption that shows insensitivity by the writer.

One of the headings in your Sept. 12 edition was “Lambocide.” What is so funny about someone wanting to shoot his lamb? There was no follow-up line about this being investigated, either.

Also there was a complaint about cat feeding by an Atascadero business, where the police were called and the feeders were advised of trespassing. Instead of calling the police, I wish people who complain about cat feeding could find some compassion somewhere and realize that feral cats need our help and deserve a minimum of food and water.

The people I know who feed cats also trap and have them spayed and neutered, often at their own expense, which helps the community by keeping the cat population down. The “feral” cats these people are complaining about are basically offspring of abandoned pets. The problem with homeless cats living near businesses, alleys or wherever they can find shelter stems from irresponsible pet owners, not the people who step up and care for these poor animals.