Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trouble is a brewin'

The recent cleanup of San Luis Obispo Creek brought to mind how the creek would be affected if the city approves SLO Brewing Co.’s request for a 600-seat auditorium in the historic Carissa Building overlooking our beloved creek and Mission Plaza.

SLO Brew intends to invite famous-name bands to attract busloads of concert attendees. The queuing will wind through Mission Plaza, across the creek on the bridges to the nightclub’s rear entrance.

The crowd, now well inebriated, may then adjourn to the rooftop restaurant/bar. Who knows what items patrons may toss down in the creek?

After concert-goers return to the buses over the creek and through the plaza, I can visualize the trampled turf, accumulated trash and, worst of all, garbage and unknown amounts of human excrement contributed by drunks polluting our precious creek, the backbone of our historic downtown.

I feel sorry for the downtown retailers who have to deal with the mess left at their storefronts every morning because of the collection of bars located in the center of downtown. We must support our precious natural resources and struggling downtown businesses, many of whom are on the verge of collapse.