Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fix our problems

Many feel that guns don’t kill, but people using guns do. According to the latest figures, some 25,000 are killed annually with guns here in the United States. We are responsible for more than 80 percent of all gun deaths in the 23 richest countries combined, a deathly figure.

Some feel that our history has established this ugly model, from the mass genocide of the Native Americans to the use of firepower to resolve the problems we created in Mexico, South America and lately in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Others say that the reasons for so many murders here in the United States are the violent movies and video games. But according to Michael Moore, the movies and video games in Japan are more violent then ours, but there are fewer then 20 people a year killed there with guns.

Finally, some feel that if we reduced access to guns, we might control homicide. But in Canada, there are plenty of guns, yet the number killed there is around 200 annually.

However, if we could fix our race and our poverty problems, there would be fewer frustrated, frightened and angry people reaching for a gun.