Letters to the Editor

Letter: Power to heal

Contrary to the recent allegation made by one of your readers, the Audubon Society actually is planning to conduct additional studies this winter to better understand potential impacts of eucalyptus removal on wildlife in Los Osos.

I suppose it’s an unfortunate sign of the times that lying has become so pervasive in our society that everyone assumes there must be an ulterior motive behind every proposal.

One can draw some correlations between the proposal to remove conifers to preserve aspens in Tahoe and Sweet Springs, but not for the reasons noted. I personally don’t support the logging of old growth conifers to recover aspens, but I do appreciate that aspens are a keystone species that is in severe decline. I agree that active restoration measures are necessary to undo decades of poor forest management.

Yes, we all need to critically evaluate restoration proposals to ensure they are scientifically sound. But we must also recognize that the hands of men that have inflicted so much harm on the natural world also have the power to heal it. Such efforts need our support and active participation.