Letters to the Editor

Letter: A good park deal

I recently saw a story in a local newspaper reporting that the California Department of Parks and Recreation plans to institute a day-use fee at Montaña de Oro. I asked Supervisor Bruce Gibson, and he told me some details about the proposal.

1. The entry fees will stay in Montaña de Oro and will be used for maintenance of Montaña de Oro only.

2. Anyone will be able to buy an annual pass for $25 per year. Anyone.

3. People who walk or bike into the park will not be charged.

4. Surfers who wish to run in to check the surf will not be charged unless they decide to stay.

5. Anyone who works 40 hours of trail maintenance in any State Park will be given a free annual pass to Montaña de Oro.

6. Parks expects to raise enough money from this fee to pay for maintenance of a new 18-mile coastal trail that will connect Los Osos to Avila Beach after the purchase of Wild Cherry Canyon is accomplished.

I think this is a good deal under these circumstances, and I support it. Kudos to Nick Franco, Bruce Gibson and Jim Grant for working out a deal that keeps local dollars local.