Letters to the Editor

Letter: SLO Brew impact

I would suggest that the SLO Brewing Co. bar and nightclub, slated to relocate to the building next to the Frog & Peach Pub, be moved instead to an alternative location. The reason becomes obvious when one faces the impact of the 600 young people queuing up in its rear, together with a big band generating noise and carousing until 1 a.m., then disgorging onto Higuera and adjoining streets.

The impact of this venue can be expected oddly during the entire day, through problems with shopkeeper moral, cleanup, investigation of incidents, etc.

As a professional who has been engaged in work on behavioral problems, I can state that Cal Poly needs to have a yearround set of workshops tackling the problem of off-campus drunkenness. The problem of drunkenness already stemming from the bars on Higuera will most likely reach a tipping point.

An alternative location would enable the students to have fun and recreation, hopefully in a responsible manner.