Letters to the Editor

Letter: Once bitten, now shy

In the early 1990s, San Luis Obispo residents were asked to vote for Measure A, a bond that was supposed to help upgrade every school in the district.

Once the measure had passed, the school district set aside a portion of the money to close Pacheco School (a magnet school with 26 classrooms), and move it over to Teach School (a small local school with 16 classrooms). Then they rented Pacheco to private schools.

The impact upon the Teach school residential neighborhood was enormous: a new multi-purpose building, nine portable classrooms, eight buses, and hundreds of cars every day. A mess. At least one third of the long-time residents got fed up and moved out.

This year, a new measure asks us to approve a tax increase to support the schools. How will this money be used? New teachers are underpaid, but administrators are overpaid, and there is no sign they will use the money better than they did Measure A because they are never made accountable for what they do.

I want to help students and teachers, but I don’t want to be deceived again.