Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elderly drivers

Recently, a 100-year-old driver in the Los Angeles area drove over a crowd of people. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Why is there a reluctance to test the driving ability of any driver over the age of 45?

Everyone is at risk in these situations. Our children are at risk, and lives are damaged, or ended, because someone is behind the wheel who should not be. We must accept the reality that drivers need to be tested on driving skills periodically. There is a simple way to accomplish this. Require that drivers over 45 take a written test and a driving test each time their driver’s license is renewed!

The AARP and other groups would be hard pressed to decry age discrimination if the testing age is set at 45. As a senior citizen myself, I see far too many drivers weaving, driving 25 in 45 mph zones, and generally being a hazard to other drivers. As a caring society, we must do something about this serious problem.