Letters to the Editor

Letter: Concern for wildlife

Mr. Leo Ray Ingle doubts Morro Coast Audubon Society’s intentions in postponing the eucalyptus tree removal at East Sweet Springs. He believes the Audubon Society is waiting “until the public outcry dies down.”

But, as a board member (speaking only for myself), I know that Audubon has learned what the trees mean to the residents and will never try to be sneaky about the trees’ removal. We never intended to do this behind people’s backs, and were, at worst, unthinking when we took them by surprise.

Ingle suggests we are focused on “improved views of the bay.” However, our sole concern is for the wildlife. The eucalyptus have been there for only a couple hundred years. Native species have mostly been displaced by this invasive giant. Wildlife is currently very limited in the existing habitat. We wish to replace the eucalyptus with native species, including coast live oaks, to dramatically improve diversity.

There is work to be done now, but more time is needed to study the way monarch butterflies and raptors use them. We want to minimize negative impacts while we improve for the longterm the conditions for all the native wildlife.

I am a longtime supporter of the Audubon Society, and I believe it is doing the right thing.