Letters to the Editor

Letter: Limited boxes

The question of color arises when, on the local news, police seek a suspect: “ethnicity, white.” Really? “Northern European” is more accurate. True white is albino.

How creative our language is, naming shades of paint or the color of butterfly wings positively. How limited with humans: white, yellow, red, brown, and black. “Black man arguing with white man,” — ominous, isn’t it? “Caramel man, light pink man,” — different feel, right? (Better yet, “Two men arguing.”) Dark is negative, but dark chocolate is positive. To aperson’s comment a friend sad, “Do I look like that black shoe?”

How did we get so far off course, assigning color to ethnic groups, and making one color superior to another, even affective how a person votes for president? It’s so pervasive that people don’t see how ludicrous it is.

We don’t appreciate or express enough the beauty of different shades of color in our one human race, or that we are all ethnic, or the vibrancy each group gives to our lives.

When you place others in a limited mental box, you place yourself in one, as well. How profoundly sad; it affects us all.