Letters to the Editor

Letter: An endorsement

I endorse Dan Carpenter for San Luis Obispo City Council. I’ve been proud to serve with Dan on the council for the past two years. He’s done an excellent job.

I note particularly how Dan stepped forward as a newcomer on the Council to put Measures A and B on last year’s ballot. He saw the importance of these measures well before some of his longerserving peers. Dan has been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility.

I also note the special insight Dan brings as the only member who was born and raised in San Luis Obispo and has spent his entire life here. He’s a graduate of SLO High and Cal Poly. He’s owned and operated a small business downtown. He’s worked at Cal Poly.

Throughout his adult life, Dan has been active in the community. For years, he’s led the outreach efforts to the homeless at the Old Mission. Dan’s also involved with the History Center, where he serves as volunteer bookkeeper.

Dan Carpenter is the only candidate I plan to endorse in this year’s council race. That’s how strongly I feel about his qualifications and how important I believe it is to elect him.