Letters to the Editor

Letter: Damage control

I grew up in beautiful San Luis Obispo and have lived on the East Coast for a long time. I have learned of the proposed seismic testing for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, and am writing to say I think it’s a terrible shame that our essential ocean ecosystem should be destroyed for this reason.

My father, George Harper, was public health officer when the plant was approved in the 1960s, when very few people knew of the dangers of nuclear power. When it was discovered that the plant was on the active Hosgri earthquake fault (and more recently an additional one), there was no way that PG&E was going to close it, because of the money invested.

I realize damage control is now going on, because of what happened with the Japanese plant last year due to the tsunami. This planned seismic testing is really a show so the public will feel PG&E is doing all they can to be safe. They already know how dangerous it is to have a nuclear power plant close to an active earthquake fault. The seismic testing will not change this.

As my father said, “The wildlife is sacred, the rest is economics. Economics has to adjust to what is sacred.”