Letters to the Editor

Letter: A coastline in flux

In 2009, state Sen. Sam Blakeslee sponsored Senate Bill AB 42, whereby PG&E was mandated to provide seismic testing on active faults within 2.5 miles of Diablo Canyon. However, there was no public indication that the seismic testing would be deadly to our coastal marine life.

Six to 12 steamers dragging 4 miles behind the survey vessel will carry 250-decibel air cannons exploding every 15 seconds, 24 hours a day, for 33 days; each blast with the power to penetrate the sea floor and reach several miles into the Earth’s crust!

Picture the impact on swarms of herring and krill; decimation of fish and their eggs; destruction of kelp beds and eel grass, the nursery grounds inside which all invertebrates, fish and marine mammals find shelter, protection and food. The coastal marine food web will be wrought with injury and death. That means sickness and death all the way up the chain.

We live on a transform fault between two major tectonic plates: the Pacific and North American plates. They move! That intense pressure of plate against plate created the Santa Ynez Range and the Channel Islands. No amount of 3-D mapping of a few faults is going to change the fact that we live on a coastline that has been in flux for millions of years! This assault on life must be stopped!