Letters to the Editor

Letter: Secular government

The GOP’s purpose is to deny Barack Obama a second term, and what its congressional members refuse to do is geared to that end.

The architect of the GOP’s battle for dominance is Karl Rove, but evangelists who control the party hope to replace our secular democracy with a theocracy to control us all. It seems incredible, but the memory of the Protestant break from Rome in the 18th century has apparently faded sufficiently to allow evangelists to attempt to resurrect that past at our expense.

The Holy See’s Party of God controls the House of Representatives now, and if it should control the Senate and the presidency, our fate could be sealed.

Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court recognized the danger when he voted in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act. The Holy See was deeply disappointed, believing the justices were solidly in its camp. His vote disrupted their plan in the best interest of our nation.

We the people, by following Roberts’ lead, should retain our secular government as the founders intended it ought always to be.