Letters to the Editor

Letter: Clashing drug laws

Bill Morem’s column on the pot law (Sept. 6) describes what happens when state laws clash with federal laws. Concerned voters were pulled in by the emotional argument that pot helps people control pain. While making medical marijuana legal has some validity, it also has its abuses.

In regards to the use of drugs, federal law should have just one consideration: the health and welfare of its citizens.

This is not the case with alcohol, a drug that in one year kills twice as many Americans as were killed in the seven years of the Vietnam War. It wreaks havoc daily on families, health, work places, prisons, etc., yet we continue to glorify it on television as if it is as harmless as a soda pop.

This is a double standard, but the statistics on pot will follow legalization as the user numbers skyrocket. Then we will see effects such as the pot party in Los Angeles that caused laughter and relaxation — while a 3-year-old drowned in the family pool. Or Eric Worley, the 17-year-old who was killed when a marijuana-impaired trucker slammed into the Illinois teen’s car.

Policing legal drugs is far more costly than policing illegal ones.