Letters to the Editor

Letter: Big self-delusion

The reason our federal government is so big and spends so very much is really quite obvious and does not need lofty, futile rhetorical reasoning.

There were only two times within the last hundred years that all Americans unified for a common cause: December 7, 1941, and 9/11. No matter what the cost, everyone came together. I am so disappointed and saddened by the attitude of the masses who have morphed from strong, independent individuals, into wimpy, needy people.

Our federal government has inflated exponentially because politicians you voted for convinced you into thinking that you actually needed things, and you were gullible enough to believe it.

Sure, at home you have occasional disagreements with family members about things you need or want. Can your budget afford it? Should you use a credit card? Yet, when it comes to federal budgets and deficits, you wash your hands of it entirely.

A line of credit, be it against a home or your government, is not permanent. Last year when the Tea Party sought to do something — anything — to avoid the government bankrupting the United States, why was there no Democratic counterpart to the Tea Party? Have they become that gutless?

The reason we have big government is simple: We foolishly deluded ourselves into thinking we needed it.