Letters to the Editor

Letter: President Obama cares

The last time I talked to my doctor, we discussed the shingles vaccine. He thought I was a good candidate and told me to call my insurance company to see if it was approved. The insurance company said that I would have to call back with the name of the vaccine, so they could figure out my copay. I called my pharmacist and was told there was only one shingles vaccine, Zostavax.

I called back my insurance company and told them the name of the vaccine. They then told me my co-pay would be $285. I thought this was a little expensive, so I called my pharmacist back and asked him what the cost of the shot was without any help from the insurance. Turns out the pharmacist could give me the shot for about $65 less than my copay. Does this seem fair to you?

I will proudly vote for President Obama this November because he cares about me and idiotic situations like this. It is past time to stop letting the for-profit insurances companies fleece us dry.