Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kristof criticized

Regarding Nicholas Kristof, the uber-liberal, sanctimonious and selfproclaimed champion of the downtrodden and exploited, in his “First-term report card for Obama” has labeled Israelis who deathly fear nuclear annihilation (which Iran has promised them) “jingoists” because they would like a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian nuclear facility. Jews, annihilation — a novel idea?

On the other hand, Kristof in one of his other drivel commentaries several weeks ago admonished the Obama administration for not supplying arms and support to the Syrian rebels! Selective jingoism or hypocrisy? I hope and pray that Kristof, who so strongly supports the Palestinian, Egyptian and Libyan causes, will have the golden opportunity to someday be a subject in one of those Muslim regimes he so staunchly defends. Can you say anti-Semite?