Letters to the Editor

Letter: Misleading flier

I advise anyone who recently received a flier in the mail about HR 2190 to toss it in the recycle bin. The flier asserts that “Medicare is under attack” and “there’s still time to stop the hidden drug tax for Medicare.”

In very fine print, it states that the flier is paid for by the YG Network. Their website describes them as “a nonprofit 501(c)(4) dedicated to supporting conservative center-right policies.”

Upon investigation, I learned that their founder and president, John Murray, served as deputy chief of staff for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and held “senior roles at the 1996 and 2000 Republican National Conventions.” In other words, the flier is a Republican party product, even though they don’t own up to it.

HR 2190 is the Medicare Drug Savings Act of 2011, and it would require drug manufacturers to provide rebates for drugs dispensed to lowincome individuals under the Medicare prescription drug benefit program. HR 2190 proposes no new tax on anyone. It was introduced as a means to lower the deficit. It’s very clear that the purpose of the flier is to mislead and to frighten. Don’t fall for it.