Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for education

I was an ardent Obama supporter in 2008, but I warned friends he couldn’t deliver on all those great promises (no president can) because it takes “two to tango,” the President and Congress (and sometimes three if the Supreme Court gets involved). The same applies to this year’s promises from either candidate.

I am glad the president emphasized the importance of education for preparing today’s students for future careers and for imparting the analytic skills that make for an informed and involved electorate. But here also, it takes two to tango: the U.S. Department of Education and the individual states. In the case of California, the dance partner may bow out if we don’t pass Proposition 30, preventing more cuts to our schools than we have already endured.

So regardless of your party affiliation, vote for the proposition whose purpose we can all agree on: education at all levels that is accessible, affordable, and with decently paid, quality teachers in appropriately sized classrooms. The fat and gristle have already been trimmed and we are getting too close to the bone!