Letters to the Editor

Letter: Adopt a dog

Abundance is usually a good thing, but not in the current case of SLO County Animal Services. Counting all the kennels, mobile units, and quarantine facilities, there is space for 61 dogs. Unfortunately, due to space shortage, some perfectly adoptable, healthy, lovable dogs were recently euthanized.

Still, there are 68 dogs occupying those 61 spaces. In addition, Woods Humane Society is generously housing an additional 10 dogs, and 15 additional dogs are being fostered by volunteers.

There are several ways you can help: visit the shelter and adopt a dog or two. If you already have a dog, make sure it is identifiable with a chip or registration tag or a phone number written on its collar, so it can be quickly returned to you.

This abundance of stray, unidentifiable animals is an ongoing situation, not a once-in-awhile circumstance. If you can’t make it to the shelter, check out http://www.sloasap .org   and click on Rescue Me to see a video of current animals, both dogs and cats, that are available for adoption.