Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lasting difference

Thank you for printing the Sept. 2 story about my book, “Runaway Girl” and the problem of child sex trafficking in the United States. I want to mention a similar book by a friend of mine, Rachel Lloyd, titled “Girls Like Us.” It was Rachel who first likened pimp-traffickers to the snake, Kaa, in Kipling’s “Jungle Book.”

Rachel has an organization in New York called GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services. You can access it at gems-girls.org  . Many readers have been asking me what they can do to help. If you go to that site, as well as her book, you will find answers, including tips on what can be done locally. Thanks to all the support out there! Proposition 35 is just a start; it takes community, and lots more Rachels to make the lasting difference.